HiPoWeek 2018


Taking the leap forward for the 6th consecutive year, Right Management & People Matters bring the HiPo week yet again with a fresh perspective. So far, the HiPo Week had rich discussions around various facets of HiPo Development.

Taking this journey forward, this year we will focus on thought-provoking discussions on HiPos in the DIGITAL Age. While talent leaders grapple with the challenges posed by the digital disruption, a critical talent pool that should be the stepping stone while re-looking at the talent in the digital age is the HiPos.



Digital Disruption: How will the roles of HiPos evolve?

Monday, 4th June. 3:00 PM-4:00PM

As digitization drives more automation and computing, 75% of leaders believe automation will soon require new skills. This clearly suggests that technology will change the view of the current roles significantly. While talent leaders brace the current workforce for this change, a critical challenge to manage is that what this digital disruption would mean to the roles of HiPos. With this webcast we will learn different aspects of digital disruption impacting the definition of HiPos, business changing expectations from HiPo, current HiPo roles, what competencies do HiPos need to develop.





Expectations from HiPos in the DIGITAL Age: What Changes

Wednesday, 6th June. 3:30 PM-4:00PM

Amidst the next frontier of growth in businesses - the one led by digital, everything from customers to products to ways of working to talent needed is changing. But have things really changed fundamentally?

Focusing on HiPos and HiPo programs, this is the first time we are bringing a Twitter Debate where four motions will be tabled and the participants will have an opportunity to speak for or against any these. The discussion will present two sides on how digital has really impacted the fundamentals. Here are some of the motions that will be debated in the conversation and the speakers and audience will have to justify their “for” or “against” stand.




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HiPo Programs for Nurturing Digital Competencies: What changes from today?

Friday, 8th June. 11:00 AM-11.30 AM

The conversation will bring forth a discussion on how organizations can design programs to nurture digital competencies for HiPos to thrive. The key discussion pointers of the conversation will include digital disruption impacting the business? How does this impact identification and nurturing of HiPos, expectations from the HiPo Week change in the digital age, key digital competencies for success, key parameters to be kept in mind while developing impactful HiPo Week, potential challenges that organizations face while nurturing digital competencies.




HiPos in the DIGITAL Age: Answering the what, why and how?

Bangalore, Mumbai & Gurgaon

In the wake of the digital disruption and the changing expectations from HiPos, the full circle of identifying, assessing, nurturing & developing, and designing the career paths for this critical talent pool has undergone drastic alterations. This series of masterclass will focus on ensuing thought-provoking discussions on how can organizations develop an ecosystem for HiPos to thrive in this digital world. The key discussion will focus on how are the roles and business expectations from HiPos changing in the current and anticipated business scenarios? competencies required by the HiPos to thrive in the digitally disruptive era?, How are they innately different from the traditional competencies?, What does this mean to the assessing and identifying HiPos? and What shifts do the organizations need to undergo to develop a sustainable ecosystem for the HiPos to grow and succeed in the digital age?