Career Transition Services

Mitigate the risk and cost of Career Transition, and help your exiting employees move to new careers and opportunities through our market-leading outplacement programs.

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Companies that offer Career Transition services to existing employees report increased productivity, engagement, and loyalty among remaining employees. Our programs are personalized, supported by specialized and certified coaches, and provide deeper market connections.


With end-to-end transition planning and implementation, we help organizations balance the needs of individual employees seeking their next career opportunity with the need for business continuity and minimal disruption.

What We Deliver

A multi-faceted, globally validated & flexible approach to manage career transitioning and outplacement

Right Management has more than 40 years of Career Transition experience and has served large and medium-sized organizations in all industries world-wide. Right Management worldwide helps transition over 100,000 employees through its career transition solutions every year and is a market leader in the industry.

As Career Enablers, our key focus is have the candidates undergoing transition be more prepared in approaching the market and cracking the best opportunities that may come their way.

As Transition Experts, we believe the focus of any transition program is to offer career development where in landing in a great job is only a by-product.

Enabling Employee Transition: A Holistic Approach

A Flexible, multi-faceted approach for impacted employees, enabling a smooth transition to the next opportunity

Assessment: Personality assessment through a globally validated online personality assessment tool, which helps impacted employees identify the roles they might be comfortable in going forward, their interests, stress behaviors and underlying needs. 

Coaching: 1-1 coaching, with certified and experienced career coaches helps impacted employees move from a “why me” to a “what next” mindset, sharpens their approach to the market and gets them ready to take on the next opportunity coming their way.

Development: Access to our multi-faceted 24/7 online development platform - RightEverywhere® - more than 3,000 online courses, and a host of other valuable features.

Job Search Support: Enabling impacted employees to break into the visible job market and uncover hidden opportunities – connecting directly with companies and recruitment firms by leveraging our extensive network of over 10,000 organizations and >200 Manpower Group recruiters pan India.

Training Notifying Managers

Notification conversations can prove to be a potential minefield if done in an ad-hoc and an unprepared manner. Notifying managers need to be well prepared to:

  • Manage themselves and the impacted employees during and after the conversation
  • Ensure transparency and fairness, to their organization and to the impacted employees
  • Act as a counselor and a guide to impacted employees, as required
  • Support impacted employees through the normal and predictable emotional and behavioral journey associated with change
  • Address expected questions that impacted employees may ask, helping them along the change process – from denial and resistance, to acceptance and closure

In these sessions, we bring all our tacit experiences to the fore, sharing best practices with notifying managers, and getting them prepared to handle these, all important conversations

Communication Support: Internal & External

Communicating with Internal and external stakeholders

Creation of a bespoke communication strategy for internal and external stakeholders – emails and face-to-face – ensuring transparent and standardized messaging which preserves employer brand and addresses stakeholder concerns.

Workplace Engagement: Post Notification

Engaging non-impacted employees

Our holistic approach to career transitioning addresses the requirements of the non impacted employees as well, helping organizations build a positive climate on the floor, directly impacting employee engagement and productivity.

RightEverywhere®: Our Employee Development Platform

RightEverywhere® is Right Management’s proprietary learning platform which provides 24/7 access to eLearning resources and practical  tools that support career development objectives of individuals:

  • More than 20,0000 online courses, videos & book summaries covering a range of topics from software applications like Word or Excel or Adobe, to business skills courses on topics such as leadership, communication, problem solving or decision making, to finance, accounting and banking, to even courses on operational excellence.
  • Certification prep courses like project management, human resources, or data management to name a few
  • Mobile friendly functionality so leaders can explore and learn on the go

In addition the platform offers:

  • Globally validated psychometric / personality assessment tools
  • Industry and sectoral research
  • Access of thousands of active career opportunities, across sectors and levels
  • Resume building toolkit
  • iView: An innovative video-recording tool for interview practice

The platform is a one-stop-solution for individuals transitioning into new roles – to prepare for interviews, and to assess and develop themselves for the next opportunity.