Leader Coaching

More than 93% of leaders who received coaching from Right Management report being able to integrate the knowledge and skills learned through coaching directly into their jobs.

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Empower your leaders to create, and sustain change

Prepare your leaders to face the challenges of today and the future. Our Leader Coaching solutions help build a solid foundation of skills, competencies, behaviours and confidence.


Our entire coaching solution is available in both – virtual and physical formats.

Executive Coaching Programs

Our executive coaching programs are holistic interventions for executives and senior leaders. Individual coaching journeys are aligned to organizational goals, and coachees work with certified and experienced coaches, who often come with ample industry and coaching experience.

All Right Management coaching journeys start with a multi-pronged assessment approach, which helps in baselining the journey and establishing tangible goals to be tracked.

Targeted Coaching Programs

Targeted coaching is a 3-4 month program tailored to address a specific growth area in a short time-frame, to achieve specific business goals. It can include developing a new leadership capability or help leaders to manage a derailing behavior urgently.

Accelerated Onboarding Programs

Accelerated onboarding helps newly-appointed leaders assume their new role, clarify expectations, identify key stakeholders and develop an action plan for success in a safe, confidential environment – directly impacting attrition and time to productivity.