17th- Feb' 2021 onwards


Right Management India is conducting its first virtual marketing event, for which it has partnered with the largest media house in the country. The event, which will be called SmartHR2021 – Dispersed, (yet) Connected will run for an entire week and focus on how organizations are adapting to the new normal, as they emerge from the pandemic.

Key themes will revolve around – how organizations are creating an end-to-end digital employee experience, building agile talent strategies which remain relevant, meeting evolving customer expectations and focusing on cultural cohesiveness even with a largely dispersed workforce.

The event will include webinars, virtual fireside-chats and online roundtables, and will have senior executives and industry experts sharing their views and opinions on how their organizations are coming “back-to-work”.

We invite you for a quick study that we are conducting as a part of SmartHR2021.

The findings of this study will be shared with you on your registered email ID and discussed in our event, SmartHR2021 - from 17th to 26th February.

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Fireside Chat - 17th February 2021 (Wednesday)

The Future of Employee Experience


Businesses have seen a rapid shift to newer work models and structures in the past few months. Today, most companies are focusing on adapting and finding ways to re-invent systems to optimise their employee experience in a largely dispersed, but digitally connected workplace. 

Employee experience is much more than an organizational cloud strategy. How is a move to DIGITAL impacting retention, engagement and time to productivity? 

ETHRWorld in partnership with Right Management has ideated a Fireside discussion with focus on answering this pertinent question and finding ways to create collaboration and connection.

Key Takeaways / Discussion Pointers


Webinar - 19th February 2021 (Friday)

Fostering a Culture of Innovation: #PsychologicalSafety
#InclusiveLeadership #EmployeeExperience


Business is rapidly transforming - sustainability today requires continuous agility and a culture of creativity and innovation.

Today, it’s more important than ever for leaders to create and promote a culture which allows everyone to think freely and openly. This can be made possible when employees bring their whole selves to work everyday, and feel “psychologically safe” in their roles. How has the pandemic and remote working impacted this? 

What is expected of the organization and it's leaders and what kind of culture is required to promote open and free-flowing conversations, which motivate teams and individuals to innovate in the new normal? 

Organizations need to drive inclusive and open cultures which thrive on individuals showcasing leadership in whatever roles they may be in. This will ensure innovation not only in limited pockets of brilliance, but will create agility across every part of the enterprise.

ETHRWorld in partnership with Right Management has curated this webinar to address these areas and ideate on how to build a culture of innovation, and workplaces which employees take ownership of.

Key Takeaways / Discussion Pointers


Online Roundtable - 23rd February 2021 (Tuesday)

Talent for Tomorrow - Agile Talent Strategies 
#LeadershipDevelopment #Reskill #Upskill #Talent #EmployeeExperience


Covid is bound to transform industries, but one does not know how. 

With a changing business environment, it has become pertinent to continuously evolve talent philosophies and strategies in order to develop a strong talent pipeline for tomorrow. Regardless of the industry or demographics, human capital, workforce planning and development have become a topic of global concern. Talent availability and agility is critical for organizational sustainability. 

How is India Inc responding to this? 

This online rountable presented by ETHRWorld and Right Management brings forth these key questions, to deliberate, debate and discuss a game-changing, long-term talent strategy that remains relevant in the new normal. 

Key Takeaways / Discussion Pointers


Online Roundtable - 26th February 2021 (Friday)

Re-writing the Rules of Market Engagement
#CustomerEngagement #Sales


With the world of work evolving, market engagement rules are also shifting significantly. While organizations are continuing to drive innovation and change, it is also strongly driven by the changing consumer behavior. 

Given the events of the last 10-12 months, the speed of change is driving many successful organizations to re-look their market engagement strategies, while others are still struggling to come to terms. In order to keep up with a rapidly evolving consumer, businesses must gear-up to remain relevant and competitive. 

Are sales and customer service leaders equipped to address this changing scenario?

This panel discussion organized by ETHRWorld and Right Management will focus on  how market expectations are evolving in the post pandemic era, and what organizations need to do to engage with consumers from a sales and customer service standpoint. 

Key Takeaways / Discussion Pointers


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